What are the advantages of installing leather seat covers?

A: There are many advantages in installing a seat cover. Since it is very durable, it protects your original original OEM seats from dirt, spills, wear and tear. It is water and spill resistant. It elevates the style of your interior cabin giving it a more premium look and a more luxurious feel. Having seat covers will also help the car have a higher resale value due to preserved interior.

What are the disadvantages of installing leather seat covers?

A: None. No, it has no disadvantages.

Is it easy to maintain and clean an interior installed with seat covers?

A: Yes, it is very easy to maintain and clean interior seats installed with seat covers. All you need to do is quickly wipe it with clean damp cloth and wipe it again with clean dry cloth. That’s It

Do you have warranty on your seat covers?

A: Yes, we have one (1) year warranty on all our products as long as it is concluded to be a factory defect. All other wear and tear and burnt holes due to cigarette are not covered by the warranty.

Are your seat covers expensive?

A: Our products are reasonably priced against industry standard, but we can assure that our quality and workmanship is superior.